28 mai 2018

Roof Project

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Herewith I’d like to ask you for your support

I rebuilt Morey Castle for more than 20 years; this 16th century home in my hometown was ravaged by a fire in July 1985 and abandoned for more than 8 years. My story begins in the summer of 1992 with my father’s crazy idea to acquire the castle and rebuild it. When my father passed away in 1998 during the works, I continued alone to rebuild this house with our own financial means.

Though everything is not perfect, we currently have 5 guest rooms and also rent rooms for receptions. Tourists from around the world have the pleasure of enjoying the place and many couples have sealed their love in our walls. We did a flat roof in steel tank as well as those of two towers in tortoiseshell tiles in order to preserve the building, but it’s the original roofs which would complete and restore the hidden charms to the residence. The realization of the original roofs on the four parts of the castle is very very expensive and I can not assure the financing alone.

This is why I ask you to help me realize this project and continue the story. You will find attached the specifications from the company Maddalon (specialist in historic buildings), old photos of the castle with its original roof, photos of the ruins in 1985, current photos and drawings of the future project. I remain at your disposal for a possible meeting and trust in your support to finally give the final touch to this extraordinary building. So together we will be able to continue the history of the castle of MOREY and restore to it its silhouette of yesteryear.

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